This is assuming that the artist has a great portfolio and is not a novice.

1. Murals cost more than $500.

2. Any artwork won’t be less than $100 unless it’s REALLY small or during special circumstances.


4. If you give them artistic freedom to design but you come back with changes, don’t be surprised if they tack on extra $$$ to the final price.

5. If you approved a sketch and want changes after they finish the product, you will be charged extra. Changes to final products aren’t as easy as changing it in Photoshop. Revisions take time and cost money for materials and labor.

6. Choose the artist that best capture your vision. Don’t assume a landscape painter can and will paint sports team logos in your man cave.

7. Review their portfolios.

8. If you’re worried because the rough sketch looks REAL rough, just remember you chose them because you liked their finish products. It’s a rough sketch.

9. If you want originality, everything regarding city skylines, Tupac, Star Wars, and sports have been done before.

10. Trust your artist.

11. Don’t haggle or ASK FOR HOMIE HOOK-UPS. You’re hiring a skilled craft person. They may hook you up if you’re cool like that, but never assume.

12. Expect to pay 50% deposit up front. Sketches and revisions aren’t free.

13. Don’t make artists copy some other artist’s work just because you can’t afford the original.

14. Artists are not machines, don’t expect an artist to meet your short deadline. Schedule and plan accordingly. “A LACK OF PLANNING ON YOUR PART DOESN’T CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY ON MINE.”

15. EXPOSURE IS NOT PAYMENT. Artists cannot pay bills or buy material with social media likes and shares.